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Pellegrini Strawberry Farm

Usually open from July 4th thru July 25th    call ahead     906.563.8577  or  906.396.5728

Pick your own since 1965

Pellegrini Cabbage Farm

Pellegrini Corn Maze


& Sugarbeets     wholesale semi-loads available

Usually open on September 15th    call ahead     906.563.8577  or  906.396.5728

Usually open on September 15th thru October     call ahead       906.396.5728

& Pumpkin Farm

saturdays    12noon-6pm

sundays         12noon-6pm    

school tours & field trips welcome!            book your reservation for birthday or private parties today.

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ADULTS $7            KIDS $5            ages 3 & UNDER FREE


call ahead for strawberry picking hours          


Cabbage Sold out

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farm fresh honey

Pellegrini Honey


sold out

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Blueberry Farm

Pre Picked / Pre Pay Blueberries

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Prepicked Usually started around june 25th through july 25th

first harvest usually july 14th    *     second harvest around september 4th


reserve your prepicked orders, leave your phone number on invoice at checkout.

hours updated

daily on FB

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Oat Grain

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Rye  Grain

barley-592501_960_720 8099179110_d6ce36b9ac_o

Barley Grain

farming-414189_960_720 8099179110_d6ce36b9ac_o

Sorghum Grain


$30 per tractor scoop

$5 per bag

call 906.563.8577 for large semi loads


$50 long bed pickup

$45 short bed pickup

$2 a head

M-F 8-5

Sat 8-4

Sun 9-1


Cabbage Sold out

closed for the season

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CLOSED for the season.

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